Begin with the Whole Story
Know the real history of a property before you buy.
It's like running a background check on a property.

Close With Confidence
Avoid surprises at closing.

Increase Negotiation Power
Negotiate based on the documented condition of the property, and potentially imminent major expenditures.

BuildFax is the one-stop shop for national building, remodel, and repair data.

Do your homework        before you buy a home.

The BuildFax Buyer's Report+™ is an address-specific, construction history report based on building permit records.

STEP 1: Simply click the BUY NOW button and enter your payment information.

STEP 2: Your BuildFax Buyer's Report+™ will be automatically displayed.

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Why Customers Love BuildFax

BuildFax is not a substitute for all disclosure information required during the sale process, a definitive indication of whether
any documentation exists for a property, and/or a replacement for a proper inspection.

Money-Back Guarantee on Reports: If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money.